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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I will even let you off the hook from posting in your own journal unless you want to.

Please try to stick to fandoms I'm reasonably familiar with!
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I should totally be sleeping, but I've actually felt good today for once, in spite of taking a walk that tired me out too quickly...

They have announced more casting for the Game of Thrones series.

Sean Bean as Eddard Stark.
Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon.
Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen. (Harry was the Son/Baines in the Family of Blood in the two-parter Doctor Who from series 3.)

And this is, of course, on top of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.

I'm going to go over to a corner and have a little dance and hope they don't screw this up.

And then sleep. Yes.
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I know there are at least a few Torchwood fans on my flist; I would appreciate any links to good gossip/spoilers/info about next season/miniseries thing this summer. I'm trying to get some info to get my brain caught up in the event that I do end up writing a research paper on the show.


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