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There will still be the occasional public entry on this journal, but if you want to read the majority of what's posted, comment here or on a public entry to be added.

"You know... you act like such a lonely man. But look at you! You've got the biggest family on Earth!" - Sarah Jane Smith to The Doctor, "Journey's End", Doctor Who
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I'm really torn about buying a permanent LJ account.

I'm very tempted because I've now been using ElJay for 5+ years, even as the Internets change and social networking becomes a very different animal. (If it is an animal, it's a chimera or something.) If I'd bought one years ago, it would have paid for itself already, of course, and somehow I don't see myself ever giving up on ElJay entirely.

But I just don't know. I mostly use LJ for three reasons:

1. My friends are all on it.
2. My fandoms are all on it.
3. It requires almost zero technical know-how on my part to make it go.

But will ElJay still be here in a few years in the same form? In many ways little has changed since I started using it, but I can't really count on that remaining true indefinitely.

oh, eljay.

Nov. 7th, 2008 03:44 pm
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The new LJ profile page is ugly.

Just sayin'.
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I've had my LiveJournal for just a shade longer than 6 years, now. For most of these years, my entries were public, interspersed with a few friends-only and friends-group-specific entries here and there. Over the past year, as the PhD program "thing" was in full swing, the number of friends-locked entries has steadily grown, based primarily around the fact that the people I didn't want reading certain entries were my prospective and now actual colleagues, and they are quite Internet-savvy.

As my professional life begins intersecting more and more with my personal life - the Internet, games, media and fandom are now my LIFE, through and through - I find myself locking more and more entries. My real name is now somewhat firmly associated with my LJ to a lot of people, along with most of my online identities. (Before anyone says anything on that score, no, I'm not surprised or horrified, just making the observation.)

For a long time, though, ElJay has not been a place where I was particularly...thoughtful about that reality. I am sorely tempted to go back and friends-lock everything, and then just occasionally throw out something that's not friends-locked in the future. I have ideas for a blog that can be a bit more professional - though they're on hold as I work on something somewhat frantically to see if I can get it ready to submit for publication consideration in 6 weeks - and that's the place I want associated with my professional identity, not this site.

So, your thoughts, dear readers:

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