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"You know... you act like such a lonely man. But look at you! You've got the biggest family on Earth!" - Sarah Jane Smith to The Doctor, "Journey's End", Doctor Who
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Hello, and thanks for taking a look at my letter to peruse further details on my request, it's much appreciated. I've been in fandom a long time but only started participating in Yuletide last year, and though I've done exchanges off and on for a long while, I'm really looking forward to another Yuletide season. This post is organized around sections for each of my requested fandoms below, and concluded with a list of general likes in terms of plot, tropes, kinks, etc, and a list of DNWs as well.

My requests, in alphabetical order:

The Expanse (TV)

Requested Characters: Chrisjen Avasarala, Bobbie Draper

What I like about this media: Hard sci-fi doesn't usually grip me, but this show has proven to be an exception to that rule, and I find it incredibly engaging, and one of the best shows currently on TV. The characters are diverse and unique - and I pretty much love them all - without their appearance or characterization seeming to fill quotas or just be for show. The late S2 meeting of Chrisjen and Bobbie absolutely floored me, and I loved their interaction, flavored as it was with both mutual respect and distrust.

  • I'd love to see some canon divergence or canon speculation about Bobbie and Chrisjen and their relationship development as allies from very different worlds.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing Chrisjen introducing Bobbie to Earth culture - after seeing Bobbie's delighted reaction to cucumber sandwich hors d'oeuvres and considering my impression of Martian food culture as somewhat ascetic, I kept imagining Chrisjen inviting Bobbie to dinner with her family and introducing Bobbie to an diverse array of Indian food, or some other "Earther delicacy".
  • Alternately, Bobbie introduces Chrisjen to some Martian practice, food, or cultural norm, something that Chrisjen thinks she understands as a life-long diplomat and student of politics, but she finds herself understanding it in a totally new way after learning about it from Bobbie.
  • I'd be intrigued to see a romantic dalliance between these two, as long as Chrisjen's husband Arjun isn't implied to be a bad person - their relationship is so strong and lovely - but maybe it's an open relationship, or it's an AU where Arjun has died. Bobbie seems to be under the impression that Chrisjen is a fragile little old lady, and though she's been disabused of that notion to some extent now, probably, it would be interesting to see her learn it more intimately!
Fandom-specific DNWs: Though it's unlikely he'd come up, I don't want to read about Joe Miller, please. Other characters appearing, especially Arjun or Cotyar or the Roci crew, are fine!

John Wick (Movies)

Requested Characters: John Wick, Gianna D'Antonio

What I like about this media: The setting - the totally serious but also a bit tongue-in-cheek setting. I love the "hidden underworld" motif, and the arcane ways of the assassin's world. The Continental and its rules, blood oaths and Herculean task challenges, and the idea of moving in and out of a shadowy other-world as John does over the course of the films. Everything is so over-the-top and yet the dialogue is so understated - I love that.

  • I would be very pleased to receive straight-up worldbuilding in this setting - please feel free to barely mention either requested character and tell me a story about how you perceive the details of the world. An outsider's POV would be fascinating - either a true outsider to the setting, or someone who works for the Assassins but isn't actually one, perhaps. How did they perceive the events of either film, especially Gianna and/or Santino's deaths and what it means for the future that John flouted the rules so explicitly? How did they perceive - and how do they talk about - the events of John's Task that allowed him to leave their world years ago?
  • I would also love fic that explores the past that John and Gianna are strongly implied to share. Were they lovers? What was that like? Their hands are metaphorically - and sometimes literally - dripping with blood, the both of them, and while the John of the films seems to be ambivalent about aspects of his past, Gianna seems to be totally unashamed. Has it always been that way?
  • Alternately, an entirely morbid canon divergence fic in which Gianna requests (demands? draws on old promises to compel?) a final fling with John "for old time's sake" before he kills her could be both highly creepy and very hot - dubcon and/or femdom themes welcome. Could still end with Gianna's death or be ambiguous or go entirely AU somehow...
The Truman Show (1998)

Requested Characters: Truman Burbank

What I like about this media: This movie was so much ahead of its time in some ways - it was so predictive of reality television and social media and the way in which our lives are shaped and controlled by media, and we are compelled to share ourselves and our lives online. I re-watch it now and again and constantly find new ways to appreciate it. Jim Carrey's performace is amazing, too.

  • Legitimately, however you wanted to have a go riffing off of this film would be fine. Feel free to go experimental, weird, meta, or quirky.
  • A post-film fic in which Truman finds himself utterly unable to escape being the center of media attention despite being *free*, or expressing shock at the notion of individuals choosing to have their lives broadcast via media.
  • Alternately, an AU in which it was all a delusion (This is a real thing, though not an official psychiatric diagnosis -

The Vikings (1958)

Requested Characters: Einar (The Vikings 1958), Eric (The Vikings 1958)

What I like about this media: I saw this film for the first time this past year while enjoying a lazy weekend, and I adored it - the performances of Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and Ernest Borgnine are delightful and fun and a bit campy but very engaging. 

  • Eric and Einar's relationship is such an incredible mix of loathing and jealousy and admiration - you can cut the tension with a knife in their scenes. I would love to see any kind of exploration of their rivalry and what precipitated it - one may be the Jarl's son, and the other a slave, but they grew up together, after all. Would be happy to see Kitala and/or Sandpiper show up in a pre-canon fic like this - how did they become so close to Eric?
  • I could also see a canon divergence in which Einar does not die, but the two of them remain rivals and warleaders constantly struggling for power - what might that look like? Does Morgana remain a point of contention between them? Does Eric's knowledge of Viking culture make him more successful and fending off Einar's attacks?
  • I'm absolutely here for a sexual relationship between the two - consensual but heavy on the competitive rivalry, dub-con, or non-con all welcome, either pre-canon, at any point during the film, or canon divergence. One specific point of divergence that might work well is when Einar attempts to rape Morgana, he's put off by her total passivity and lack of response to his urging to fight him - perhaps he goes looking for Eric with the assumption that Eric will fight back.
Fandom-specific DNW: I would prefer no Modern AUs in this fandom. Also, I'm fine with seeing the characters interact as children or teens, but if there's any sexual content, please age the characters at least to "ambigously late teens" at minimum.

General Plot, Trope, & Kink preferences:

Future fic (including with child characters grown to adults), hurt/comfort (physical and/or emotional), whump, sex pollen, fuck or die, dubcon generally (especially but not only when both/all parties are consenting only under duress or when impaired due to alcohol or drugs), rope bondage, werewolves (just not a/b/o type), canon divergence, first time (both first time sex ever and first time for a particular pairing), sex magic, pegging, praise kink, sharing a bed, huddling for warmth, falling asleep on someone, cuddling, spooning, competitive sex games (who can make the other orgasm the fastest, who can resist orgasm the longest, who can successfully finish a task while the other partner tries to get them off or tries to entice them into sex, etc), begging, sex as an emotional outlet in the wake of tragedy, battle couples, alternate magical system AUs, sex between platonic friends

Tropes/Kinks I don't want:

A/B/O dynamics (Werewolves are great, but the A/B/O trope doesn't work for me), mpreg, bestiality, excessive focus on bodily fluids/bodily fluid-focused kinks, age regression in romantic pairing fics (I'm OK with it for platonic pairings!), high school AUs, childhood friends-to-lovers (unless canonical), teacher/student relationships (even when the student is adult)
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Thank you, brave soul, for taking on my assignment, or at least giving my letter a glance to see if you find anything inspiring. I am so excited for this exchange, you have no idea. I'm one of those obnoxious folks who absolutely lives for Autumn and Halloween on every level, from Pumpkin Spice Latte Basic Bitchness to exulting in the changing of the wheel of the year to the fact that I met the love of my life at a Halloween party and the holiday is my favorite.

A few broad-strokes notes about my preferences up front, with more detailed information about my likes/DNWs at the end of the list: I am happy to receive tricks and/or treats, and I am good with both gen and shippy content, of any rating in terms of violence/sexual explicitness.

I've organized my requests with some info about how I feel about the fandom broadly, and a few specific notes/prompts about each character requested. Below the fandom list are my preferred tropes/kinks and a brief list of Do Not Want content - if the character or fandom-specific prompts don't work for you, please feel free to pick a theme, trope, or kink I like and do whatever you want with it!

Requested fandoms, in alphabetical order:

Dragon Age (Video Games) )John Wick (Movies) )The Lion in Winter (1958) )Mount & Blade (Video Game) )Once Upon a Time (TV) )Overwatch (Video Game) )A Song of Ice and Fire - George RR Martin )
If you have any questions about my preferences/Do Not Wants, feel free to send me an anon Ask on tumblr - I'm there at

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Hello Chocolate Box author! Thanks for taking on my assignment or taking a look at my letter to see if anything catches your eye! I've grouped the relationships I've requested by fandom below, along with a bit of a blurb describing what I dig about the fandom and general likes/dislikes for each, and then wrapped things up with a fairly brief list of tropes I love as well as my squicks/Do Not Wants.

Overall, I'm good with ratings from G to E - if you match on a romantic ship, feel free to write explicit sexual content if you feel inspired to do so, but it's not necessary.

Fandom: Chronicles of the Cheysuli - Jennifer Roberson

Oh, guilty pleasure/problematic favorite fantasy books of my childhood. If you somehow were familiar enough with these books to have matched me on this fandom, please understand that literally anything you write about these characters will thrill me. I would ideally like something that's canon-compliant or canon-divergent but not a modern AU or the like.

Keely of Homana/Sean of Erinn
How did Keely and Sean make marriage work over the long-term, especially in the wake of the deceptions and trauma that plagued their courtship? Tell me about it - their early years, their actual wedding (after the game of Wedding Chicken at the end of Daughter of the Lion), the birth of their children, raising their children, visits from Corin (and Glyn) taking a boat over from Atvia, etc.

Aidan of Homana/Shona of Erinn
Shona and Aidan had so little time together. Give me a glimpse of it? Shona learning about her Cheysuli heritage, perhaps. Canon divergence - in which Shona lives - would be very welcome also, even if it means The Prophecy goes awry somehow. (Feel free to make it dark or grim - what if Aidan still felt himself compelled to abdicate his place in the line of succession and leave Shona and his son behind?)

Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)

I love this dumb show with a deep and abiding fondness. I requested a bunch of pairings for this one because I'm a true multi-shipper in this fandom. Please refrain from any character-bashing in fic for this fandom in particular - if you don't like certain characters or ships very strongly, just don't mention them.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Evil Queen | Regina Mills
Whatever floats your boat to get them together. They had great sexual chemistry in S2, in my opinion - especially when Regina was threatening him with his own hook. Angry sex or power-play sex would work at a variety of points in canon, including back in the Enchanted Forest when they originally teamed up. Fuck or die situations also work. I'm always happy to see Killian tied up, dominated, and the like. Personally, I think they actually have a grudging fondness for one another, but feel free to go down the hate sex path if you like!

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Milah
Give me a glimpse of their adventures before Milah's death. Romantic adventures, playful adventures, sexy adventures, bedroom adventures.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Emma Swan
I'm a CS shipper at heart, so pretty much anything goes. I would really love to see more porny submissive!Killian fic, because there is never enough of that. Tropes. Hit me with all the tropes for these two, and feel free to set it at any point in canon. Bedsharing. Sex pollen. Bondage. Handcuffs. Trapped in a room together. Hurt/comfort. I'd love to see a Werewolf AU in which Emma is a werewolf and Killian isn't, since every other AU on that theme I've seen is the other way around and that's sooo disappointing to me.

Huntsman | Sheriff Graham/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
This probably needs to be canon divergence to fit the timeline, but I bet they had a lot in common. Loving the outdoors, hanging out with wolves. Heck, go AU and make Graham a werewolf, too, or put them in a different setting. There can be feral sexytimes (but not in wolf form, please) or sweet romantic cuddling while moon-watching, or anything you imagine. Flirting over the counter at the diner works, too.

Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Maleficent
I love this ship - give me Mal and Regina being amazing and sexy in any context. They would be Storybrooke's ultimate power couple, right? Sex magic. Or just magical sex. Or both of them finding acceptance and love with the other after a lot of heartbreak.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones & Evil Queen | Regina Mills
As I mentioned in the romantic ship blurb above, I think these two actually grudgingly like one another. Maybe they find themselves horrified because they agree on something and one of them has to defend the other. Or they team up to save Emma, Snow and/or David from their own heroic impulses.

Milah & Emma Swan
Give me all the canon divergence/alternate timelines that allow these two to meet for longer than that tragically-short bit in S5. If Milah didn't get plunged into the River of Souls, how would she have reacted to everything else that played out in the Underworld? Or what if Emma (with or without Killian) took another time-travel adventure and met Milah at some point?

Belle/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
What kind of adventures would these two have together out in the wide world, or back in the Enchanted Forest? Sweet and sensual sexytimes would be great, too. 

Dorothy Gale/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
They're canon, now, and that's fantastic, but what have they been doing since last we saw them? What might bring them to Storybrooke again? How are they navigating this newfound True Love as two people who hardly know one another? Any kind of emotional or physical intimacy between these two would be A+ - I adore Ruby, and I want to know so much more about Dorothy.

Fandom: The Magicians (TV)

I really enjoyed the hell out of the first season of this show. I have not read the books by Lev Grossman (so please don't incorporate book-canon into your fic) though they're on my list. It's Hogwarts, but for grad students. It's Narnia, but deep and dark and terrifying. It's what fantasy and real world fears morph into when you're in your 20s - you take out the "real" magic, and a lot of the shit that happens in this canon echoes moving into rocky adulthood.

William "Penny" Adiyodi/Alice Quinn (Magicians (TV))

William "Penny" Adiyodi & Alice Quinn (Magicians (TV))

Alice/Penny or Alice & Penny bonding, whether via magic, or sex, or family issues, or how everyone else is a lost cause, or...anything, really. Alice and Penny being friends and/or lovers despite having so many walls up to most other people you can't begin to see over them. I really don't believe that the only reason they have sex is because Alice wants to get back at Quentin for sleeping with Eliot and Margo. What brings them together? Alternately, go full AU or canon divergence and explore what a relationship between them might look like, or how they might have been good friends if things had worked out differently in canon. What would magic they share look like, with Penny being so outwardly hostile and sharp and Alice so buttoned down and restrained? Or - Penny and Alice hanging out (or drinking, or getting high) with the others, especially Eliot and Margot. Bonding over thinking Q is kind of an idiot. Doing homework together. Going on a date. Having a dream adventure or dream sex. There is nothing out there for this pairing as either a romantic or platonic ship, so I will be happy with literally anything.

Notes on general themes/tropes I like and themes/tropes I Do Not Want:

Tropes/Kinks I generally dig: Future fic (including with child characters grown to adults), hurt/comfort (physical and/or emotional), whump, sex pollen, fuck or die, dubcon generally (especially when both/all parties are consenting only under duress), werewolves (just not a/b/o type), canon divergence, first time (both first time sex ever and first time for a particular pairing), sex magic, pegging, oral fixation, praise kink, sharing a bed, huddling for warmth, falling asleep on someone, cuddling, spooning, competitive sex games (who can make the other orgasm the fastest, who can resist orgasm the longest, who can successfully finish a task while the other partner tries to get them off or tries to entice them into sex, etc), begging, sex as an emotional outlet in the wake of tragedy, battle couples, alternate magical system AUs
Tropes/Kinks I don't want: A/B/O dynamics (Werewolves are very much desirable, but the A/B/O trope doesn't work for me), mpreg, bestiality (for The Magicians (TV) it's fine to reference the canonical Alice/Quentin "fox sex" thing, but please do not include characters having sex as animals in the fanwork), excessive focus on bodily fluids/bodily fluid-focused kinks, age regression in romantic pairing fics (I'm OK with it for platonic pairings!), high school AUs, childhood friends-to-lovers (unless canonical)

If you have any questions about my preferences/Do Not Wants, feel free to send me an anon Ask on tumblr - I'm there at
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Just a note to the flist that I'm selling a huge chunk of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume collection. Link to my sales page is here:

I'm really trying to move stuff, and I'm open to making deals. If you've ever been interested in BPAL before but never gotten into it, if you give me some idea of your scent "likes" I'd be happy to put together a tester pack for cheap!
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Originally posted by [ profile] theljstaff at Help Us Support Planned Parenthood

Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood, the organization that delivers reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide, has come under fire in the U.S. lately, with many politicians on both state and federal level seeking to end funding (and in a few cases succeeding).

During the month of May, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to, [ profile] frank is always happy to receive gifts!) There are three variations ($1, $5 and $10) for you to choose from, but they'd all look good on your profile when your friends know that you stand by something so important.


Thank you all for your help in our support for Planned Parenthood. This promotion ends June 1, 2012; LiveJournal is not affiliated with Parent Parenthood. For more information about Planned Parenthood, please visit:

-The LiveJournal Team

(If you'd like to help spread the word that we're raising funds for Planned Parenthood, you can crosspost this entry in your own journal or community by using the repost button below!)
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Just a reminder for me to think about submitting something when comps-stress is over...

Call for Papers

Console-ing Passions:
International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media, and Feminism

Celebrating Our 20-Year Anniversary!

July 19-22, 2012, Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Call For Papers! )
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I will even let you off the hook from posting in your own journal unless you want to.

Please try to stick to fandoms I'm reasonably familiar with!
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I watched the premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday night with [ profile] wagemage and, overall, I feel very positively about the show, albeit with a few reservations.

My review comments will spoil the episode AND some elements of the novel that parallel the first episode.

under the cut for the unspoiled! )
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Welcome to my mostly-annual post asking for your mailing addresses so that I might send you cards for the holiday season.

For those of you who are new to my friends list: I love sending real mail, and I am addicted to holiday season cards. If you like getting mail, even if you don't think we are super close buddies, and you're comfortable giving me your address, please add it below.

For those of you who are not new to my friends list: You know the drill. Add it, even if you think I have it.


Replies are screened, fear not, so only I will see your address.
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Entertainment Weekly has new photos from the Game of Thrones series, which is set to debut in April.

SPOILER ALERT! Note that if you're not familiar with the books, these images (and particularly the descriptive text with them) are very spoilery for things that happen in the first few episodes, including the major reveal at the end of the pilot, so proceed with caution if you don't want to be spoiled!

Game of Thrones Exclusive Photos
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I'm still working on a lengthy post about the past week, but I also have a question for everyone out there unrelated to my very random life:

About 2 years ago, my "classic" iPod bit the dirt, and I didn't much miss it at the time. I eventually got a great deal on a wee little iPod Mini which I've used when I want to listen to music on the go. However. I would now like to start listening to books on an MP3 player, and I'm pretty sure the mini is too small to cut it. (For instance, GRRM's A Game of Thrones takes up about a gig of space, ripped from something like 40 CDs. Even the non-ripped digital versions to buy are massive.) So, I need to invest in something with a lot of storage space. Is a classic iPod still the way to go, or is there something better I should consider?
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Go here:

Scroll down to the different colorways they have available.

Locate the colorway called "Time Traveller".

Click on it.

Read the text in the detail box that pops up.


I believe my next order will include multiple balls of this colorway...
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I committed fanfiction, guys. This is crossposted from [ profile] valyrian_forged. It's a drabble-set, so the limited context is likely to not make much sense unless you've read the books.

Title: Oathkeeper (Or, Five Times Brienne Kept Her Oath)
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Rating: T for violence, adult themes
Spoilers: Through A Feast For Crows, post-Feast speculation
Length: 500 words, 5 100-word drabbles on a theme
Characters/Pairing: Brienne/Jaime. Kind of. Consider my icon ironically used.

Oathkeeper )
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*No reasonable offers refused - make me an offer.

Feedback post HERE, please comment if we've had a good sale/swap.

shipping information )

what's for sale )
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I really need some help from people who use Facebook. I have a survey designed for a research project I'm doing for one of my classes, and I need more respondents ASAP! PLEASE take this survey if you can spare 10 minutes or so, and feel free to link to it and distribute to anyone you know!

Facebook Survey Link!

The direct link, for C&P needs:


ETA: If you tried to take this survey before 2:05 AM Eastern US time, and it bugged out on you, please try again. I believe it's been fixed. *fingers crossed*
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I should totally be sleeping, but I've actually felt good today for once, in spite of taking a walk that tired me out too quickly...

They have announced more casting for the Game of Thrones series.

Sean Bean as Eddard Stark.
Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon.
Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen. (Harry was the Son/Baines in the Family of Blood in the two-parter Doctor Who from series 3.)

And this is, of course, on top of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.

I'm going to go over to a corner and have a little dance and hope they don't screw this up.

And then sleep. Yes.
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You guys, you have to see this...this thing. This character description from an actual published book. It's...

You guys.

I can't even describe this, I'm just going to link to the scan on [ profile] vandonovan's LJ since he generously said we could spread the "love" of this around.

The most horrifyingly hysterical purple prose ever.
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I know there are at least a few Torchwood fans on my flist; I would appreciate any links to good gossip/spoilers/info about next season/miniseries thing this summer. I'm trying to get some info to get my brain caught up in the event that I do end up writing a research paper on the show.


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