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Hello Chocolate Box author! Thanks for taking on my assignment or taking a look at my letter to see if anything catches your eye! I've grouped the relationships I've requested by fandom below, along with a bit of a blurb describing what I dig about the fandom and general likes/dislikes for each, and then wrapped things up with a fairly brief list of tropes I love as well as my squicks/Do Not Wants.

Overall, I'm good with ratings from G to E - if you match on a romantic ship, feel free to write explicit sexual content if you feel inspired to do so, but it's not necessary.

Fandom: Chronicles of the Cheysuli - Jennifer Roberson

Oh, guilty pleasure/problematic favorite fantasy books of my childhood. If you somehow were familiar enough with these books to have matched me on this fandom, please understand that literally anything you write about these characters will thrill me. I would ideally like something that's canon-compliant or canon-divergent but not a modern AU or the like.

Keely of Homana/Sean of Erinn
How did Keely and Sean make marriage work over the long-term, especially in the wake of the deceptions and trauma that plagued their courtship? Tell me about it - their early years, their actual wedding (after the game of Wedding Chicken at the end of Daughter of the Lion), the birth of their children, raising their children, visits from Corin (and Glyn) taking a boat over from Atvia, etc.

Aidan of Homana/Shona of Erinn
Shona and Aidan had so little time together. Give me a glimpse of it? Shona learning about her Cheysuli heritage, perhaps. Canon divergence - in which Shona lives - would be very welcome also, even if it means The Prophecy goes awry somehow. (Feel free to make it dark or grim - what if Aidan still felt himself compelled to abdicate his place in the line of succession and leave Shona and his son behind?)

Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)

I love this dumb show with a deep and abiding fondness. I requested a bunch of pairings for this one because I'm a true multi-shipper in this fandom. Please refrain from any character-bashing in fic for this fandom in particular - if you don't like certain characters or ships very strongly, just don't mention them.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Evil Queen | Regina Mills
Whatever floats your boat to get them together. They had great sexual chemistry in S2, in my opinion - especially when Regina was threatening him with his own hook. Angry sex or power-play sex would work at a variety of points in canon, including back in the Enchanted Forest when they originally teamed up. Fuck or die situations also work. I'm always happy to see Killian tied up, dominated, and the like. Personally, I think they actually have a grudging fondness for one another, but feel free to go down the hate sex path if you like!

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Milah
Give me a glimpse of their adventures before Milah's death. Romantic adventures, playful adventures, sexy adventures, bedroom adventures.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Emma Swan
I'm a CS shipper at heart, so pretty much anything goes. I would really love to see more porny submissive!Killian fic, because there is never enough of that. Tropes. Hit me with all the tropes for these two, and feel free to set it at any point in canon. Bedsharing. Sex pollen. Bondage. Handcuffs. Trapped in a room together. Hurt/comfort. I'd love to see a Werewolf AU in which Emma is a werewolf and Killian isn't, since every other AU on that theme I've seen is the other way around and that's sooo disappointing to me.

Huntsman | Sheriff Graham/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
This probably needs to be canon divergence to fit the timeline, but I bet they had a lot in common. Loving the outdoors, hanging out with wolves. Heck, go AU and make Graham a werewolf, too, or put them in a different setting. There can be feral sexytimes (but not in wolf form, please) or sweet romantic cuddling while moon-watching, or anything you imagine. Flirting over the counter at the diner works, too.

Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Maleficent
I love this ship - give me Mal and Regina being amazing and sexy in any context. They would be Storybrooke's ultimate power couple, right? Sex magic. Or just magical sex. Or both of them finding acceptance and love with the other after a lot of heartbreak.

Captain Hook | Killian Jones & Evil Queen | Regina Mills
As I mentioned in the romantic ship blurb above, I think these two actually grudgingly like one another. Maybe they find themselves horrified because they agree on something and one of them has to defend the other. Or they team up to save Emma, Snow and/or David from their own heroic impulses.

Milah & Emma Swan
Give me all the canon divergence/alternate timelines that allow these two to meet for longer than that tragically-short bit in S5. If Milah didn't get plunged into the River of Souls, how would she have reacted to everything else that played out in the Underworld? Or what if Emma (with or without Killian) took another time-travel adventure and met Milah at some point?

Belle/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
What kind of adventures would these two have together out in the wide world, or back in the Enchanted Forest? Sweet and sensual sexytimes would be great, too. 

Dorothy Gale/Red Riding Hood | Ruby
They're canon, now, and that's fantastic, but what have they been doing since last we saw them? What might bring them to Storybrooke again? How are they navigating this newfound True Love as two people who hardly know one another? Any kind of emotional or physical intimacy between these two would be A+ - I adore Ruby, and I want to know so much more about Dorothy.

Fandom: The Magicians (TV)

I really enjoyed the hell out of the first season of this show. I have not read the books by Lev Grossman (so please don't incorporate book-canon into your fic) though they're on my list. It's Hogwarts, but for grad students. It's Narnia, but deep and dark and terrifying. It's what fantasy and real world fears morph into when you're in your 20s - you take out the "real" magic, and a lot of the shit that happens in this canon echoes moving into rocky adulthood.

William "Penny" Adiyodi/Alice Quinn (Magicians (TV))

William "Penny" Adiyodi & Alice Quinn (Magicians (TV))

Alice/Penny or Alice & Penny bonding, whether via magic, or sex, or family issues, or how everyone else is a lost cause, or...anything, really. Alice and Penny being friends and/or lovers despite having so many walls up to most other people you can't begin to see over them. I really don't believe that the only reason they have sex is because Alice wants to get back at Quentin for sleeping with Eliot and Margo. What brings them together? Alternately, go full AU or canon divergence and explore what a relationship between them might look like, or how they might have been good friends if things had worked out differently in canon. What would magic they share look like, with Penny being so outwardly hostile and sharp and Alice so buttoned down and restrained? Or - Penny and Alice hanging out (or drinking, or getting high) with the others, especially Eliot and Margot. Bonding over thinking Q is kind of an idiot. Doing homework together. Going on a date. Having a dream adventure or dream sex. There is nothing out there for this pairing as either a romantic or platonic ship, so I will be happy with literally anything.

Notes on general themes/tropes I like and themes/tropes I Do Not Want:

Tropes/Kinks I generally dig: Future fic (including with child characters grown to adults), hurt/comfort (physical and/or emotional), whump, sex pollen, fuck or die, dubcon generally (especially when both/all parties are consenting only under duress), werewolves (just not a/b/o type), canon divergence, first time (both first time sex ever and first time for a particular pairing), sex magic, pegging, oral fixation, praise kink, sharing a bed, huddling for warmth, falling asleep on someone, cuddling, spooning, competitive sex games (who can make the other orgasm the fastest, who can resist orgasm the longest, who can successfully finish a task while the other partner tries to get them off or tries to entice them into sex, etc), begging, sex as an emotional outlet in the wake of tragedy, battle couples, alternate magical system AUs
Tropes/Kinks I don't want: A/B/O dynamics (Werewolves are very much desirable, but the A/B/O trope doesn't work for me), mpreg, bestiality (for The Magicians (TV) it's fine to reference the canonical Alice/Quentin "fox sex" thing, but please do not include characters having sex as animals in the fanwork), excessive focus on bodily fluids/bodily fluid-focused kinks, age regression in romantic pairing fics (I'm OK with it for platonic pairings!), high school AUs, childhood friends-to-lovers (unless canonical)

If you have any questions about my preferences/Do Not Wants, feel free to send me an anon Ask on tumblr - I'm there at https://coaldustcanary.tumblr.com/


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